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picture of roll-a-table

Roll-A-Table is 32" square with a vinyl top, has aluminum legs will support up to 175 pounds. Rolls into a bundle complete with a carry handle. Plywood slat top is covered with vinyl; legs screw through tabletop bracing rods into threaded metal inserts in the thicker end slats. Attached vinyl pouch holds legs and braces and is a hanging storage pocket when the table's up. Versatile table can be for sit-down camp dining or card-playing; we use one for a river bar and another as a dishwashing table. Roll-A-Table weighs just 10 lbs. rolls to 32"x 6".

Package Includes: vinyl top, aluminum legs, carry handle, vinyl pouch

  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Dimensions: rolled up 32"x6"
  • One Day: $3
  • Weekend: $5
  • Week: $13
  • Extra day: $2