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MSR - Classic Cook Set

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MSR Alpine Classic Cook Set Fall 2008 The Alpine Classic Cookset by MSR brings reliability, durability and lightness to a cook set that's just as at home on a big wall as it is in the remote wilderness. The set includes an Alpine 1.5 and 2 liter pot, Pan Handler and reusable nylon stuff sack. Naturally the pots nest for ease of packing. What's more, most MSR stoves fit inside the nested pots for extreme compatibility. Features Weight 26 oz 733 g. Rolled Lip Provides greater stability with Pot Lifter and reduces the pots' tendency to warp. Rounded Corners Shape helps heat travel up sides of pot more quickly, boosting efficiency 5% and makes cleanup easier. Durable Scratch and dent resistant 18 10 Stainless Steel stands up in the most rugged conditions. Pan Handler securely grips rim of pot for easy lifting. Tip: Your MSR pots will be even more efficient if you allow them to blacken with use. That's because a blackened surface absorbs heat better than a light one.

Package Includes: 1.5 pot, 2 liter pot, pan handler, reusable nylon stuff sack

  • 5
  • Weight: 26oz
  • Durable scratch and dent resistance
  • One Day: $2
  • Weekend: $3
  • Week: $7
  • Extra day: $1






MSR - Reactor Stove System

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Burner features 2 modes of heat transfer, convective and radiant, to generate maximum heat output and boil 1 liter of water in about 3 min. 45 sec.

System includes stove, 1.7-liter pot with lid and PackTowl (weight: 19 ounces, dimensions 6x5x7.5 inches)

Package Includes: stove, 1/7 liter pot with lid, packtowl (*fuel sold separately)

  • 2
  • Weight:19oz
  • Dimensions: 6"x5"x7.5"
  • Convetive and radiant heat
  • One Day: $4
  • Weekend: $6
  • Week: $14
  • Extra day: $2
  • Fuel: $5.20