About OARS

OARS Office

OARS Objectives

OARS achieves its missions and strategic goals by providing help and support in the following areas:


(a) Quantitative and qualitative research design,
(b) Questionnaire design
(c) Data collection methods,
(d) Quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques,
(e) Interpretation of the research results, and
(f) Statistical decisions and conclusions

Grant Writing and Evaluation:

(a) Helping faculty in writing the grant proposal methodology and design sections.
(b) Advising and helping faculty to align the grant project goals with the activities needed to ensure successful implantation of the grant proposal.
(c) Helping faculty to clearly describe the relationship between their grant project goals and previously funded similar projects
(d) Explaining and describing to faculty the evaluation method(s) of their grant proposal. This includes, but not limited to, addressing the grant project specific activities, methodology, design, integration, and implementation of the project. If funded, OARS consultants are highly qualified to serve as project evaluators.

Mission of OARS

The consultants of the Office of Academic Research Support (OARS) at Utah Valley University (UVU) provide academic support and guidance to students and faculty in their research projects, scholarship and creative activities, and the writing of grant proposals submitted for federal or foundations' funding. This kind of support will ultimately lead to the enhancement of the student educational experience and the professional growth of faculty.

Important Note to OARS Clients:

The OARS staff is happy to help faculty and students with their research needs. So that we may be most helpful to you, we encourage OARS clients to consult with us as they design their research. Please also be aware that University IRB (Institutional Review Board) guidelines state that anyone who sees or helps analyze human subjects data must be approved for the project by the IRB. Oars staff are willing to help you obtain this approval.