About OARS

OARS Office

OARS Primary Activities

  1. Provide consultation to faculty and students to help them conduct their own research projects.

  2. Coordinate with relevant faculty development centers and committees to promote quantitative and qualitative research methods at UVU.

  3. When a member of OARS team provides additional assistance to any faculty beyond reasonable consultation, the faculty may negotiate co-authorship on the paper. Data analysis and interpretation of the results represent a significant contribution to the paper, and should be recognized as scholarship for the OARS team member.

Mission of OARS

The mission of the Office of Academic Research Support (OARS) at Utah Valley University is to provide consultation and assistance to support and facilitate faculty and student research and scholarship.

OARS Director and Faculty Fellows Duties

The Director and Faculty Fellows of OARS work closely with administrators, deans, faculty, students, and other relevant faculty development centers and committees to support the University's quantitative and qualitative research efforts and activities. They also provide support in research design and methods, analysis of data, and interpretation of the results.