Dear Friends of UVU,

The story of Utah Valley University is one of engagement. Since 1941, our institution has maintained a reputation for hands-on learning and student success. The applied dimensions of learning have taken a variety of forms since our days as Central Utah Vocational School. From ethics education to automotive technology, engaged learning has developed in a variety of disciplines and the university continues to find ways to connect students and faculty in a meaningful and relevant learning environment.

The Office of Engaged Learning is designed to expand the role of engagement in our academic pursuits and to build upon previous successes across the university. By creating a culture of engagement on our campus, students and faculty will continue to find creative ways to apply their classroom learning to broader contexts.

As an expression of our commitment to innovation and quality, we have introduced a variety of initiatives to cultivate a dynamic and collaborative learning environment. These projects are designed to compliment the outstanding contributions of our faculty and staff and provide resources necessary to explore new opportunities.

Whether you are part of our student body, faculty, staff, or community, we invite you to join the conversation in helping us shape the future of a great university.

Brian D. Birch

Office of Engaged Learning
Browning Administration - BA 211

Brian Birch
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Engaged Learning
phone: (801) 863-8361
e-mail: brian.birch@uvu.edu

Richard Tafalla
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Scholarship & Faculty Development
phone: (801) 863-5270
e-mail: richardt@uvu.edu

Lisa Lambert
Faculty Fellow for Engaged Learning
phone: (801) 863-8741

e-mail: lisa.lambert@uvu.edu

Jessica Awtrey
Administrative Assistant
Engaged Learning
phone: (801) 863-8471
e-mail: jessica.awtrey@uvu.edu

Alex Strasburg
Student Assistant
Engaged Learning
phone: (801) 863-8337
e-mail: alex.strasburg@uvu.edu

Office hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Office Mailing Address:
Utah Valley University

800 West University Pkwy - MS 194
Orem UT 84058-5999