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Autism Community Engagement 

UVU facilitates a variety of community engagement projects related to autism education and support. 

Transition Programs (Passages)

UVU is piloting the Passages Program in Summer, 2014. The program will provide students with autism the opportunity to enroll in college-level classes designed to fit their distinctive needs and abilities. The University is developing partnerships with local businesses and non-profit organizations to develop classroom to work programs that match employer need and student skills. 

Family Support

UVU will provide opportunities for families to participate in informational workshops and training throughout the year. These events will be designed to provide practical skills to parents and family members which will enhance their ability to help their children progress in life and social skills across the lifespan.

First Responders Training

UVU is utilizing its superb Emergency Services Program to address the growing need for responders with appropriate training with people the special needs population. The university provides this training in partnership with other institutions in the state and region.

Community Employer Training

Successful employment opportunities for adults with autism depend upon the understanding and skill of supervisory personnel and management. UVU provides that understanding by offering coursework and informational workshops focused on enhancing the productivity of the workforce related to this special needs population.