Background & Mission

The Engaged Learning University Distinction is a program designed to assist students to integrate their educational experiences and develop experiential learning skills. Divided into three tracks, the program allows students to demonstrate hands-on experience to potential employers, graduate programs, or other post-graduate pursuits. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a notation on their transcript, regalia cord, and recognition during graduation ceremonies. 

  • Students apply to the Office of Engaged Learning and select the program of their choosing
  • Students in all tracks complete a common one-credit SLSS 1400  Engaged Learning course
  • Students complete the requirements of their chosen track
  • Upon completion of the track requirements, students present their work to the ELUD Committee for approval


Service Learning 
Track Director 
Volunteer & Service 
Learning Center

Leadership Track Director 
Center for the Advancement 
of Leadership

Professional Engagement Track Director 
Institute for Professional Engagement

Program Director Global Intercultural Engagement 
School of Education

ELUD Tracks

Service Learning

As part of the programming of the Volunteer & Service Learning Center, the Service Learning track allows structured emphasis on service and civic engagement throughout their university experience. 
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The L.E.A.D. program develops the leadership capacities of UVU students by focusing on four key areas of personal development: Learn, Engage, Acquire, and Discover. These four areas are designed to enhance professional and personal growth for students in the Center for the Advancement of Leadership program.
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Professional Engagement

The Institute for Professional Engagement oversees the Career Passport program that assists UVU students in actively engaging in activities that will result in more informed career decisions and life preparation. These include career exploration, mentoring, excursions, internships, job shadowing, and other activities. 
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Global Intercultural

The Global/Intercultural Engagement track is geared toward students who wish to have a structured emphasis on global, intercultural, and issues of diversity during their collegiate career and offers students an opportunity to interact with diverse ideas and people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

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