What is Engaged Learning?

Despite its increasingly important role in higher education, engaged learning has been a difficult concept to define with precision. We believe that engaged learning is best characterized as an orientation to teaching and learning, rather than a narrowly defined set of practices. This allows the concept to maintain substance while permitting necessary breadth in cultivating engaged learning across the disciplines.

UVU Engaged Learning Core Practices

  • Collaborative Learning
    Develops social learning environments for students within and beyond the classroom

  • Curriculum Integration
    Connects co-curricular and extra-curricular events with appropriate course activities

  • Engaged Teaching
    Promotes active learning practices between faculty and students

  • Holistic Education
    Prepares students for professional practice, participatory democracy, and lifelong learning

  • Engaged Scholarship
    Focuses on applied research and creative activities

  • Problem-Solving
    Facilitates practical applications for student learning that serves our communities

  • Engaged Learning Across the Curriculum
    Cultivates engaged learning across a diversity of disciplines

Office of Engaged Learning

The Office of Engaged Learning was created in 2010 to promote and support academic engagement at UVU. The office develops institutional strategies for engagement, facilitates innovative teaching practices, and oversees a variety of initiatives and programs including Grants for Engaged Learning (GEL), Civic Engagement, the University Forum, The Engaged Learning University Distinction, and more.

Mission Statement
The Office of Engaged Learning supports and facilitates participatory and collaborative learning, socially meaningful scholarship and service, and student professional development at Utah Valley University

Vision Statement
The Office of Engaged Learning aims to cultivate an educational culture across the university wherein engaged learning becomes a natural and fully integrated part of the institution’s teaching and learning practices.

Institutional Definition
Engaged Learning is an orientation to teaching, learning, and scholarship that facilitates experiential learning, collaborative partnerships, and problem-solving activities of benefit to the communities served by the university.

Community Engagement
Community engagement is the set of university activities that connect the campus to our region though mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations. In addition to individual departmental programs, UVU has  developed an institutional Business Engagement Strategy and Civic Engagement Strategy to focus institutional support in targeted areas.  

Visit the UVU Engage site for more information.