Emergency Text Messaging Service and Shooter Training Video

Opt-in to the Emergency Text Messaging Service

To assist with communications in the case of an emergency UVU has implemented an emergency text messaging system.  The system can also give you other notifications by  text messaging if you choose. This is an opt-in system. You may also choose to receive HIGH PRIORITY ANNOUNCEMENTS, STUDENT ACTIVITIES, etc. by text messaging. Please sign up!

To sign up for the system, click on the "Opt in" button to the left and fill out the form inside myUVU, or follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Text Notifications in myUVU
  2. Enter your cell phone information
  3. Select the Opt-in feeds you would like to participate in
  4. Read the Terms of Participation
  5. Click the "I Accept" button
  6. Test the system by clicking on the "Test Your Text Messaging" button

To Unsubscribe:

  • Follow the steps above, but instead of clicking the "I Accept" button (in step 8), click on the "Delete" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Get more information about how to change your subscription or to unsubscribe completely, visit the Opt-out of Opt-in page.

Please send comments, suggestions and complaints to it@uvu.edu

Opt-in to the Emergency Text Messaging Service

Shooter Training Video (Coming to myUVU)

See the "Shots Fired On Campus" Video by following the instructions below or click on the button below and then login.  Video will automatically load (be patient).

Shooter Video play Icon

  1. Login to myUVU
  2. Choose the "Employee" tab
  3. Select "Services and Resources" on the left menu
  4. In the "Training" channel click on the "Shots Fired on Campus Training Video" link.

This is a 20 minute video that provides training in preparation and response to emergency shooter situations.

Safe Campus Live Training

To schedule live training for your employees call or email Robin Ebmeyer ext 7977 or Ashlee Larsen ext 8665

Login here for a repeat of the in-person UVU "Safe Campus" training (Active Shooter).