Installing Identity Finder on Windows

  1. You can obtain the installation MSI from your UVLink. After logging into UVLink navigate to the “Help” tab. Identity Finder will be in the “Software Downloads” area. Open the “Employee” folder by clicking it then, open the “Identity Finder” folder. Inside you will find the “IdentityFinderWIN.msi” to download.
Image of Software Downloads Area Which Shows the Location of IdentityFinder.msi
  1. Once the download is complete, run the installer. The installer has been preconfigured so you should not need to make any selections.
Image of Identity Finder Installation Wizard Working
  1. You can then confirm that it has installed successfully by locating it in the “All Programs” section of your “Start Menu”.

    Image Showing That Identity Finder Is Now Located In The All Programs Folder

  2. It is recommended that you proceed by running through the documentation on getting started with Identity Finder.

         Getting Started with Identity Finder on Windows

         Using Identity Finder to Scan for PSI on a Windows Machine
         Evaluate Identity Finder's Scan Results in the Identity Finder Client on Windows

Identity Finder's Windows Documentation

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