Peer-to-Peer Violation of UVU Policy

The use of programs such as KAZAA, Morpheus, Gnutella, LimeWire, Bear Share, Emule and iMesh that are used to download music, movies, and games arenot appropriate use of the UVU and UEN network. If you are using one of these programs STOP immediately! These programs pose a significant security RISK TO YOU since you are allowing anyone to access your hard drive and computer resources to use it for possible illegal purposes. File sharing also creates large amounts of network traffic causing the college and statewide networks to slow down. This alone is unacceptable. Additionally, almost all files that are downloaded are copyrighted materials that are illegal to share and download. You can be prosecuted for doing such.

Any computer found using these or similar programs will be disconnected from the UVU network and allowed to reconnect only after such programs have been deleted and the machine verified that hacking software has not been installed.

Leroy Brown, our security officer, will work with personnel across campus to resolve these and other network security issues.

Ray Walker
Assistant Vice President of Information Technology/CIO
Utah Valley University
800 West University Parkway
Orem, Utah 84058

In order to be reconnected to the UVU network, please sign on the line below and contact the IT Service Desk at x8888. They will help you clean your computer and verify that it is ready to reconnect to the network. Please send the signed form to Ray Walker at Mail Stop 230 or to the Service Desk in AD 007.

Be advised that a second violation will not only result in removal from the network but requires and a personal meeting with you, your supervisor and the UVU IT dept. Any appeals to this policy should be directed first to ATSC and then to President’s Council or for students through the appeal process outlined for them.

I have read and understand the above information and will not violate the policy again.

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Policy references:

Appropriate Use of Computing Facilities 441-10.1

Peer-to-Peer violates UVU policy 441-10.1.I, 441-10.1.I.a.4, 441-10.1.I.a.5, 441-10.1.I.a.8, 441-10.1.II.B, 441-10.1.II.D, 441-10.1.II.E, 441-10.1.II.G, 441-10.1.II.L

Peer-to-Peer requires UVU to take action based on policy 441-10.1.I.B.1, 441-10.1.I.B.5, 441-10.1.I.B.6, 441-10.1.V.a

Peer-to-Peer penalties are outlined in accordance with 441-10.1.III.a-e