Creating and Editing Department Calendars

Instructions for creating department calendars and adding events to them.

Creating a department calendar:

If you don't already have a department calendar setup in UVAnnounce, contact David Tobler ( and provide him the UVIDs of the persons that you want to have rights to approve events for your calendar.  He will setup up your calendar and give you the URL to access it so you can put a link to your calendar on your website.  He will also give rights to those you have indentified so they can add events to your calendar.

 Next, add the “UVAnnounce Root” channel to your UVLink layout.

  1. Log into UVLink and click the “Content/ Layout” link in the top left corner of UVLink.
  2. Click the "Add tab" button and name your new tab. (You could name it something like Customize Me, My Stuff or UVAnnounce).
  3. Click the Submit button to create your new tab.
  4. Click “Add Channel” on your new tab.
  5. In the “Select category” drop down box, select “Applications,” then click “go”.
  6. Scroll down the list of channels until you find “UVAnnounce Root” and highlight it.
  7. Click “Add channel” and then “Finish.”
  8. Log out of UVLink and then log in again.
  9. The channel should now appear on the new tab you added.

Now you are ready to add events to your department calendar.

  1. Log into UVLink and find the “UVAnnounce Root” channel that you have added to your layout.
  2. Click the [ Submit ] link at the bottom of the page .
  3. Follow  the instructions for “Creating a new announcement” that can be found at
  4. To find your department’s calendar, look in the “Organizational View” folder.