Online Grading Instructions


For Official/printable Instructions see Final Grading Instructions


How to Enter Final Grades

Follow These Steps:


  1. Access UVlink at
  2. Log in to UVlink using your UV ID and password
  3. Click on the Faculty Tab
  4. Go to Teaching in the left column under Selected Menu
  5. Under Faculty Grade Assignment, choose Final Grades then click Go
  6. If course and term are not listed, click on More (this will show classes previously graded or those now available for grading.)
  7. Scroll down through the list and click on the course you wish to grade.
  9. Enter grades and last attend dates.  Last attend dates are only required for UW grades.
    Last attend dates may be submitted by doing one of the following:
    • Entering the actual date (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Entering NA if never attended - a grade of UW must also be entered
    • Checking the “Attend Date Unknown” box, a grade of UW must also be entered
  10. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
    Important: Grades for each individual page must be submitted BEFORE continuing on to the next page.
  11. To select another course for grading, either:
    • Click on “Back to Faculty/Advisor Tab” near the top of the page and repeat process beginning at step number 4.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on CRN Selection (you will need to know the CRN of the course you want to grade).
  12. To verify that grades have been submitted , click on “Confirm Grade Submission” button.  Once you have done this, you may obtain a spreadsheet of grades by clicking “Send Email” button.


Final Grade Guidelines

For Official/printable Guidelines see Final Grade Guidelines
If you have questions on Final Grades, contact Michelle in Records at ext. 8462 or

Federal regulations require that the LAST DATE OF ATTENDANCE be given for UW grades.
Please note this in the LAST DATE column. (MMDDYYYY)
send correct date to
Assign grades in the following manner:

  1. Assign UW’s to students who have ceased attending or never attended the course but who still appear on the final grade roll.
  2. Assign E’s to students who finished the course but who failed to achieve a grade above an E according to the class grading scale.
  3. Incomplete (I) grades are given for extenuating circumstances only as defined in the UVU Catalog.  If an I grade is given, an Incomplete Grade Form indicating work completed and work to be completed must be signed by the Department Chair and turned into the Registrars Office.  If work is not completed within one year, the I automatically becomes and E.

W indicates official withdrawal. Instructors are not authorized to give a grade of W,

AU indicates AUDIT. Instructors are not authorized to give a grade of AU.


Except for computer‑generated withdrawal or audit, instructors are responsible to record a letter‑grade for each student whose name is listed.
If a name is not listed, the student is not registered and must see Registration.


  • Enter a letter grade for each student in GRADE column.
  • You do not need to enter a grade if a W or an AU grade already appear in the Grade on Record column.
  • Indicate LAST DAY OF ATTENDANCE for all UW grades. (MMDDYYYY) If student never attended enter NA or check box if date unknown.
  • Enter only valid grades (A+, F and NA are not valid grades).

The Grades of CR and NC are valid only for designated classes and should not otherwise be used.

The Federal Privacy Act prohibits the posting of student’s names or Social Security numbers to inform them of their grades.