Technology Support Committee Members


Area Representing

Sub Committee Assignment

Aguayo, Azucena Library --
Ah You, Phil Art/Visual Communication --

Bagley, Brenlie

Student Computing


Barrett, Aaron

Berry, John

 School of Business

Computer Shop

Bluemel, Alex Admissions  
Bunker, Gerald Service Desk Hardware
Burk, Ben Computer Science & Engineering Labs

Chris, Cox

Utah Fire and Rescue  

Condie, Jim


Curtis, Richard

Distance Ed --

Dell, Craig


Durham, Trevor College of Technology and Computing  
  Service Desk  
George, James Art/Visual Communications  
Hales, Doug Science  
Hawkins, Darel Student Computing Labs, Hardware
Hawkins, Landrey Administration Building  

Hill, Jason

Hooper, Gary

 Academic Enterprise System

Academic Affairs

Horne, Scott Testing Services  Hardware, Software
Innes, JoAnn Service Desk Software
Jackson, Scott College of Technology and Computing  

Jeppson, Skyler


Kratochivil, Jordan University College Hardware
Kratochvil, Joshua University College  
Lee, Duane Systems Administration  
Leseberg, Kim Student Computing  
Lott, Aaron Student Computing  
Lott, Bobby Service Desk Hardware
McKeachnie, Brett Systems Administration --
Mecham, Jermey Technology Support Services  
Myrer, Beth Technology Support  
Nielsen, Dave IT Security  
Nwabuba, Tony College of Science  
Osborn, Andrea Student Computing  
Oldroyd, Jacob School of Education --

Oveson, Merrill

Skene, Travis

 College of Tech/Computing

 Service Desk

Stewart, Preston IT Security  
Taylor, Mike School of Business Hardware
Tobler, David Technology Support --

Whetten, Nate

Ward, Robert

Zacharias, Dan


 System Admin-Active Directories

Student Center

College of Technology and Computing