Programming Coordination Group

The purpose of the Programming Coordination Group is to:

  • Increase dialog and improve communications between individuals and departments within OIT that are involved in software programming.
  • Better evaluation, prioritization, and coordination of programming projects
  • Avoid duplicating effort and competition between departments
  • Where it makes sense - encourage the use of shared code, libraries, and tools
  • Strive for common look, feel, and design in software applications
  • Move toward common processes for testing and peer code review
  • Develop a process for moving the responsibility of application administration from developers to Systems Administration or operations
  • Find and establish shared priorities, best practices, business processes and standards for custom developed software


  • Meeting Minutes
  • Programmers Forum
    • May - no Forum
    • June 24, presentation by Mike Duffin on data movement, room LI323g, 3:00-4:00
    • July 29, presentation on jQuery, room LI 323g, 3:00-4:00