What is UVAnnounce

UVAnnounce is the preferred internal communications tool used to disseminate information to the campus community.

UVAnnounce Governance

UVAnnounce as well as internal campus communications in general are governed by the University Communications Committee.

 UVAnnounce Guidelines

  • University Marketing has administrative and editorial control of UVAnnounce messages and their content
  • Announcements can be submitted by any student, or employee of the University.
  • Announcements content guidelines:
    • Announcements should be related to the mission and business of UVU.
    • Commercial and 3rd party announcements are not allowed.
    • Announcements should not contain ALL CAPS or extra punctuation !!!.
    • Headlines are limited to 52 characters.
    • An announcement should have only one topic.
    • Highlighted or high priority announcements are to be determined by University Marketing.
  • All announcements are approved by University Marketing or their designee.
  • Changes or edits to approved announcements need to be made by University Marketing or their designee.
  • UVAnnounce is available as part of the UVU's intranet portal system (UVLink/myUVU).
  • A weekly digest of UVAnnounce is emailed to students, faculty and staff each Wednesday night.
    • Announcements need to be submitted by Wednesday at noon in order to be included in the weekly email. 


What is UVYouNeedtoKnow

UVYouNeedtoKnow announcement are for time‐sensitive items that may occur midweek before UVAnnounce comes out or Presidential / VP priorities that need high visibility.

 UVYouNeedtoKnow Guidelines

  • Announcements are submitted, approved and disseminated using the UVAnnounce system
  • The President’s office has editorial control and approves UVYouNeedtoKnow announcements, after approval by a divisional VP.
  • An effort is made to keep these type of announcements at a minimum so as not to dilute or diminish the value of this communications method.

 Instructions for submitting announcements to UVAnnounce / UVYouNeedtoKnow

  1. Login to UVLink under the Today Tab
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the UVAnnounce portion of the page
  3. Click on the "submit" button
  4. Fill in the headline – there is a 52 character limit
  5. Complete the details section – this will also fill in the Summary – but should put the text in the details section
  6. Other information – include the event location and URL or email address when appropriate – next
  7. Please indicate when the announcement should run – the maximum is 14 days – next
  8. In the UVU Announcement – use the drop down list and indicate which category this announcement should run in – you should only choose one - next
  9. If there are viewing restrictions, please click which group should view the announcement – if it is available to all, leave all boxes unchecked – next
  10. If there should be a file attached – please do so on this page – next
  11. Review your announcement – checking grammar and spelling – next
  12. If everything is correct, click the Finish button