Getting Started with Google+ Hangouts

Access Google+
  1.  Go to and sign in to your Google account. If you don't have a Google account, be sure to sign up for a free Google account.
  2. Once you have signed in to your Google account, navigate to Google+ by clicking the +You link at the top left of the page.

    Google+ Login

  • If you have never set up your Google+ profile, do so now by following the step-by-step instructions on the page.
Start Hangouts
  1. Click on the "Hangouts" link towards the bottom of the navigation bar on the left of the page.

    Hangouts Icon

  2. If you are the one starting the Hangout, click "Start Hangout" in the top right of the page. If someone else has invited you to a hangout, click the "Hang Out" button associated with the Hangout you want to join.

    Start a Hangout       Join a Hangout

  3. If you have never installed the Google+ Hangouts plugin, do so now.

    Hangout Plugin Install

  4. If you are the one who started the Hangout there are a few options for you to choose before the Hangout starts.

    Hangout Start Screen Options      Hangout Invite Option

    1. Invite people to hang out - You can do this by typing in their Google account information or by inviting groups of people from the drop down list
    2. Name the hangout
    3. Enable Hangouts On Air - Selecting this option will allow you to broadcast your Hangout live and record it as a YouTube video.

  5. Once you have completed step 3, click "Hangout"

    Hangout Start Icon

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