Cisco Jabber - High Definition Video Conferencing

What is Jabber?

Jabber Desktop Conferencing by Cisco is UEN’s solution available to UVU for a reliable and supportable desktop video conferencing application.  Jabber is a SIP based high definition capable video conferencing solution that can dial point-to-point to other Jabber users, h.323 end points and participate in bridged h.323 events. To accomplish this, Jabber utilizes and benefits from UEN’s existing video infrastructure
which in turn improves its reliability and enables UEN to provide a level of operational support to ensure users have a consistent and reliably positive experience. UEN’s video infrastructure includes multipoint control units (MCU), gatekeepers, SIP translation and firewall traversal appliances.
Features & when/why should I use it?
Jabber is a high quality, high end video conferencing software.  It requires using a desktop or laptop computer and works on both a MAC and a PC.  It is capable of joining video teleconferences that are multi-user (using a video bridge) and well as user to user conferencing to other Jabber users.  It has the capability of showing program windows from the computer during a conference.
It is recommended for the following needs.
  1. Joining UEN video courses and video conferences from a desktop.
  2. When a long term need for video conferencing exists between two of more people.  
  3. Where high quality is needed.
  4. Where viewing windows and content from computers is also needed as part of the video conference.
  5. Where simplicity is needed.
Requesting Jabber
UVU has some licenses available for temporary use and demonstration. There is an annual charge of $100 for upgrades and maintenance payable to UEN.  This fee can sometimes be waived on a case by case basis for student use for educational purposes. Prior to purchase, please contact for a demonstration and to see if there are already available UVU licenses. Additional instructions are also available. The form to purchase from UEN is found at