1. To access Wimba log into myUVU. Once you're in myUVU go to the Employee tab and find "Wimba Room Management" under Services & Resources channel. myUVU
  2. Once you have accessed Wimba, click on Invite in order to invite others to join your Wimba room.Invite
  3. Click on Open/Close in order to activate your Wimba room.Open Room
  4. Enter your room by clicking Enter RoomEnter
  5. Then select Run Wizard: Run Wizard
  6. Unless you have already run the wizard and then you can just click, enter here below: Enter
  7. You will need to have pop-ups allowed for the Wimba site, Java and JavaScript installed and enabled, accept signed applets, and be able to use your microphone and camera.
  8. Check all these by clicking start and then next each time a test is completed. Start
  9. Be sure to trust the applet when the message appears.
  10. Once in the room you will need to push the talk button to talk. Talk
    The video will automatically switch to whoever is talking if they have a camera that is enabled.
  11. To enable your camera:
  12. Click the camera icon Camera
  13. The closed eye icon Closed Eye
  14. When the open eye icon appears the camera is enabled 
    • The small box in the corner is the preview of your camera
  15. If you intend to record this archive you must click the spot where it says archive stopped.Archive Stopped
  16. After a while it will say "Archive Starting" and then "Archive Started."Archive Started
  17. Click it again to stop recording.
  18. When you're finished using Wimba, Close your room.Close Room

Get more detailed help and information about using Wimba from UEN.