Teaching Excellence

Welcome to UVU’s Teaching Excellence Program

UVU’s Teaching Excellence Program is open to all UVU faculty. The Teaching Excellence Program aims to support the advancement of high-quality teaching through faculty development opportunities, individualized routes to certification, and international recognition for teaching excellence.

What do we mean by ‘teaching excellence’?

Excellence in teaching is characterized by a commitment to enhance one’s teaching practice by implementing new approaches, evaluating their effectiveness, and sharing ideas with others. This is evidenced in many ways, such as through participation in faculty development activities, becoming a scholar of one’s own pedagogy, and networking with other faculty to share ideas.

What is faculty development?

Faculty development refers to programs, activities, and other processes that support the advancement of faculty members in their roles.

Why is faculty development important? 

In a higher education setting, ‘quality enhancement’ is the deliberate and systematic improvement of learning opportunities and teaching practices (QAA, 2014). Faculty development provides faculty members with an opportunity to enhance their teaching practice, while gaining certification and professional recognition. These activities not only demonstrate one’s personal commitment to teaching excellence but also can have a meaningful impact on students’ learning.

6 Reasons to participate in faculty development at UVU

By participating in UVU’s Teaching Excellence Program, faculty can realize multiple benefits.

  1. Faculty Development activities can serve as useful evidence toward an individual’s Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) application.
  2. Faculty Development activities enhance teaching practice and may have a direct or indirect effect on student learning.
  3. Faculty Development activities include course redesign and curriculum development, which may provide additional financial incentives.
  4. Faculty Development can raise the profile of an individual’s teaching practice, which may be shared with others across the Institution.
  5. Faculty Development activities bring together groups of like-minded people to explore particular themes in higher education.
  6. Faculty Development activities provide evidence toward Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowships, which are internationally recognized awards for teaching excellence.

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