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RMWCA Peer Tutoring Conference


Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference

"Many Faces: Multiplicity in the Learning and Writing Center"

October 18th—19th, 2013
Keynote Speaker: Rebecca Babcock
Sponsored by the Utah Valley University & Community Writing Centers, Orem, Utah

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One of the strengths of peer tutoring is our variety of approaches to research, tutoring, training, assessing, developing programs, and so on. This conference will explore the advantages of accepting and promoting a multiplicity of ideas and practices in peer tutoring, rather than clinging to a particular orthodoxy. We encourage presenters to share their models, designs, and approaches to a variety of learning center issues. Consider guiding participants through applications of theories and philosophies and expounding on why such approaches are used and needed in peer tutoring.


Some questions to ponder:

  •  Does the current literature promote a field of multiplicity? How so?
  •  How would you describe the ideal role of a tutor for your institution or learning center? How might others adapt your approach?
  •  What are the “many hats” that tutors and/or administrators wear? Should we wear so many hats?
  •  How do our centers negotiate multiple identities?
  •  Does multiplicity create an identity crisis for the “ideal” writing or learning center?
  •  How does rhetoric and composition or other discipline theory inform writing or learning center work?
  •  How do we assess multiplicity in the writing or learning center?

Call for Proposals (Now Closed)





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