PACE Committees

Nomination & Elections

Promotes and coordinates annual PACE Elections process. Verifies eligibility and willingness of nominated individuals. Gathers and disperses candidate information to PACE members. Oversees voting and announces election results.

Celena Patten
Celena Patten  -  Nomination & Elections Chairperson  -

Policy Review

Coordinates PACE review of stage 2 policy drafts. Coordinates with University Policy Office related to the policy pipeline. Disperses policy drafts to PACE General Board for review. Gathers and compiles feedback from PACE General Board members and conducts a vote to accept feedback as PACE’s official comments. Submits official PACE comments to policy stewards and policy office.

Jolene Chamberlain  -  Policy Review Chairperson  -

I have been happily employed at Utah Valley University for over 20 years. I have received two Associate in Applied Science degrees, one Associate in Science degree and I am currently working towards my Bachelors of Science degree. During my 20 years of service, I have had the pleasure of working at the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy / Emergency Service department. I began as an Admin and worked my way up-the-ladder to an Assistant Director position. Since 2011, I have also had the opportunity to serve UVU employees as the PACE Policy Review Committee Chair. My career at UVU has truly been an exciting and rewarding journey.

On a personal note, I enjoy the outdoors tremendously – camping, snowmobiling, ice fishing and rhino riding are just a few of my favorite activities. My husband and I are lucky enough to have 14 beautiful grandchildren so when we get together it’s a PARTY!!


Salary, Benefits & Equity

Coordinates PACE General Board involvement in discussions and communications related to university benefits. Attends monthly and ad-hoc University Benefits Committee, as called by the Benefits Office. PACE President and President-Elect/Past President also attend University Benefits Committee. PACE has two votes on the University Benefits Committee.

Corey Callahan  -  Salary, Benefits, & Equity Chairperson  -

Corey W. Callahan came to UVSC in September 1996 from First Security Bank. In June 1999 he accepted the position of UVU Benefits Manager where he served until June 2010. As the UVU Benefits Manager, He also served as the chair of the UVU Benefits Committee and was at the forefront in moving UVU’s medical and dental plans from fully-insured to partially self-insured. Corey holds a certification from the WorldatWork Society as a Certified Benefits Professional (CBP) and is a member of the Intermountain Compensation and Benefits Association. As the PACE Salary, Benefits, and Equity Chair he is able to convey staff concerns and contribute to solutions with his broad knowledge of salary and benefits issues.

Corey grew up in American Fork and currently lives in Lehi with his wife and three children. He enjoys the outdoors, volunteering with the youth in his neighborhood, working around his home, and spending time with his family.


Employee Recognition

Promotes PACE programs for recognizing exemplary employees. In coordination with university leaders, and in accordance with university recognition policies and procedures, selects PACE Distinguished Employee Award recipients. Encourages peer recognition and selects recipients of Wolverine Sighting Awards. Coordinates with university divisions and departments to promote recognition programs and to provide meaningful awards to employees. Provides recommendations for programs to recognize great employees.

Irene Whittier
Irene Whittier  -  Employee Recognition Chairperson  -


Maintains PACE Bylaws and Procedures documents. Aids PACE Committees and Senators in updating committee procedures, and performs at least an annual review of all procedures. Makes and receives recommendations for changes to PACE Bylaws, and explains Bylaws changes to PACE membership at the annual PACE General Meeting. Ensures PACE Executive and General Boards follow Bylaws and Procedures in all activities.

Jacob Atkin  -  Bylaws/Procedures Chairperson  -


Coordinates and promotes involvement of PACE members with the university community and encourages social interaction between employees. Oversees various social events for employees annually. Encourages involvement of university employees in social and service opportunities.

Marianna Henry  -  Social/Involvement Chairperson  -

Marianna is an academic advisor in the Digital Media department. She is a first-generation American; her family hails from Poland. She graduated from UVU with a bachelor's degree in Communication and is currently pursuing a Master's in Professional Studies: Social Entrepreneurship (social innovation/nonprofit administration). Marianna enjoys singing, planning events, eating international foods, and traveling in the U.S. and abroad. She's married to Tom, an associate professor at UVU. Marianna loves working with the staff, students, and faculty. She is thrilled to help PACE members get involved in their work community.



Provides tools and guidance for communications from PACE and PACE Committees with PACE membership. Maintains PACE web and social networking sites. Makes recommendations to PACE Executive Board on communication best practices.

Nathan Gerber  -  Communication Chairperson  -

Nathan Gerber has been the Director of Web Development Services at UVU since 1999 and has been a web solutions advocate specializing in helping departments build effective and productive web solutions. As technologies evolve, Nathan works with the UVU community to be a driving force in helping move their web systems in the right direction. With the web being a major component of communications in today's world, Nathan is unique positioned to leverage multiple channels and solutions in the efforts of PACE.



Promote and encourage PACE member involvement in the legislative process. Coordinate PACE legislative efforts with university legislative liaisons and efforts. Coordinate PACE legislative efforts with those of the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA).

Kim Rollins  -  Legislative Chairperson  -

Staff Education/Dev Fund

Promotes Staff Education and Staff Development Fund programs to employees. Gathers and compiles requests for funding. Selects funding recipients according to policies and guidelines. Coordinates budgets for Staff Education and Staff Development, including check requests for funding recipients, according to policies and guidelines.

Ursula Sorensen  -  Staff Education/Development Chairperson  -


Approves Service Leave requests by all employees according to university policy and guidelines. Compiles reports received about service performed by employees. Coordinates PACE service opportunities and projects. Coordinates with university scholarship offices on all details related to the PACE Scholarship program. Promotes PACE Scholarship to employees to solicit donations. Selects and recognizes scholarship recipients according to policies and guidelines.

David Phillips  -  Scholarship/Service Chairperson  -

David Phillips began to serve on PACE in July 2013 as the Service/Scholarship Committee Chair. He is the Bursar in the Business Services Department. David grew up in Farr West, Utah. He earned a BA in Accounting from Weber State University and an MBA from Utah State University. David is a CPA and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

David is married with six children and resides in Spanish Fork. As a family, they enjoy camping (travel trailer style) and ATV riding. They are active in their church and presently serve as Cub Scout leaders in their neighborhood. He has no problem admitting that he is a “Den Mother”.


Wolverine Pride

Promotes school pride among employees, especially staff, through activities, communication, and spirit building. Coordinates with students, faculty, departments, and administration to promote and enhance employee attendance at athletics, the arts, and other university sponsored events. provides leadership and support to the University Wolverine Pride Committee. Chairs the University Wolverine Price Executive Committee.

Jim Condie  -  Wolverine Pride Chairperson  -

Jim works at UVU in the Automation group in IT. He has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years and also brings substantial experience in personnel management, sales, training & project management. He has been at UVU for about 7 years - 3+ years just before Y2K and 3+ years currently. For PACE he served as a senator, serves on the Communication committee, chaired an athletics committee, and is currently chairing the wolverine pride committee.

Jim is originally from Springville but now lives in Orem. He and his wife Krysti have four daughters (two of which are married), and a ten year old son. At UVU he has studied Electronic Engineering, Aviation, and Tech Management. Hobbies include building stuff, good movies and afternoon rides on a noisy bike with a large motor. Favorite Quote, “It better be a pretty good meeting to be better than no meeting at all, or food is provided”.