PACE Distinguished Employee Award

The PACE Employee Recognition Committee is now receiving nominations for the Distinguished Employee of the Year Award for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. Nomination deadline is February 6, 2015.

Full-time employee nominees will have successfully completed any probationary period and be in good standing with the institution. Full-time nominees shall have at least three years of full-time employment with the institution. Part-time employees in a non-student position shall have one full year of employment with the institution. No award will be given to an employee who has received the PACE Distinguished Employee Award in the previous five years. (Refer to past distinguished employees for a list of past award recipients.) See the complete description of the criteria for the Distinguished Employee Award.

The information provided with the nomination is reviewed carefully and given more consideration than multiple nominations for any particular employee.

PACE Distinguished Employee Award Nomination Form


1. In what specific ways does the employee contribute to the core themes associated with UVU’s central mission? (These core themes are engaged, inclusive, serious and student success.)

2. How does the employee contribute new ideas or processes?

3. In what ways does the employee create goodwill for UVU and the community and/or within his or her own department? Please be specific.

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