Wolverine Sighting Award

Have you spotted someone exceptional?

Catch a UVU staff member offering exceptional service or demonstrating exemplary performance and nominate them for the Wolverine Sighting Employee Recognition Award.

The Wolverine Sighting Award is an employee recognition award sponsored by PACE, UVU's Professional Association of Campus Employees. The award seeks to recognize staff members who support student success, foster a culture of professionalism and excellence, benefit the UVU community, or promote opportunities for diversity in their approach to service at UVU. We will be drawing winners MONTHLY from those recognized and the awards include, in addition to the recognition post card, one lucky Wolverine Recognition Award recipient will win a $25 UVU gift card and another lucky Wolverine Recognition Award recipient will win a voucher for dinner at Restaurant Forte located on the 1st level of the UCCU Center. It is run by students in the Culinary Arts program and the food is absolutely fabulous!

Nominations may be submitted on an ongoing basis by community members, students, faculty, administration, or other staff members.

wolverine sighting award

Award guidelines and requirements:

    • Nominees must be full - or part-time UVU staff employees (no student workers or work study)
    • Nominations are accepted year round (no deadline)
    • No minimum requirement for years of employment

August 2017 Wolverine Recipients

Adrian Henke
Alana Korstanje
Alex Marshall Snyder
Alexa Jensen
Andrea Calaway
Andrew Bowns
Andrew Loveless
Angela Bolduc (2)
Angela Ward
Anjoli Samudio
Ann Drayer
Anna Tibbits
April Kirk
Ashley Hardison
Ashlyn Robb
Aubree Flygare
Ben Hendrickson
Bryan Walker
Carrie Chappell
Cassi Christensen
Chris Jones
Chris Medina
Christie Snyder
Christine Peterson
Courtney Davis
Courtney McKinnon
Daniel Delgadillo
Daniel Hutchinson
Danielle Slade
DaSheek Akwenye
Dawn Burges
Dhaanyaa Patmanaban
Diana Boschetti
Doug Palmer
Eili Petersen
Elise Smith
Eric Humphrey
Eric Jorgensen
Erika Wilkes
Gabriel Black
Gabrielle Schmidt
Grady Bowen
Jacob Ellsworth
Jared Haskel
Jason Hill
Jason McKenna
Jed Bradshaw
Jenny Berrett
Jenny Moreno
Jesse Spencer
John Phillips
Judy Beleggi
Julie Hayden
Junko Watabe
Justine Rockwood
Kaela Lunt
Kameron Barkle
Karen Cushing
Karen Deysher
Karen Sturtevant
Karl Greenwood
Katelin Turley
Kathryn Zabriskie
Kekau Arakaki
Ken Dahl
Kerri Scott
Kiera Davis
Kimberly Schollenberg (2)
Kristen Nuesmeyer
Laurel Riding
Leisa Galloway
Linda Moore
Lori Duke
LuAnn Smith
Lucy Owens
Luke Richards
Margie Pulsipher
Marie Squyres
Mario Markides
Megan Olivera
Meridee Chilton
Mignon Nicol
Mindy Swenson
Noelle Halasima
Paul Fenske
Phoebe Rudolph
Rich Chappell
Richelle Andersen
Russell Kent
Sallie Dodge
Sam Hales
Sara Callor
Savanna Reich
Shane Draper
Sydney Fox
Tiffany Evans
Tina Ostler
Trevor Carter
Trevor Stone



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