Staff Development Fund


The PACE Staff Development Fund is a fund that is awarded on a first-come basis to full-time staff members (both Exempt and Non-Exempt), in efforts to obtain professional development. Professional development activites should relate to the employee’s current job responsibilities and duties, increase the employee’s job skills and productivity, or in another way enhance the employee’s value or contribution to the department and university. Funds may also be used to purchase training materials for on-campus development/training. Funds are awarded and reimbursed to departments on a fiscal year basis (July 1-June 30). These funds are limited to $500 for an individual or $750 for a group of two or more, with a limit of $1,250 per year. Staff members are strongly encouraged to submit applications for the Staff Development Fund as early as possible.


Please see the attached PDF for guidelines and procedures for application. 2014 Staff Development Procedures.


SECTION I  (Completed by the applicant(s), at least 30 days before the activity takes place)

Individual Request  Group Request   (Individual requests will not be funded for more than $500, group requests for $750.)

Exempt Non-Exempt

Description of Activity
Describe how the activity relates to current job responsibilities and duties, increases individual productivity and job skills, or in some other way enhances the value or contribution of the employee(s) to the University

Itemized Budget Information
Describe expenses involved to participate in the activity. Attach requisitions, travel request forms, brochures, itineraries, registration forms, and other appropriate documentation regarding the activity.

I hereby agree to provide my supervisor and the staff Education/Development Committee with the required documentation, receipts, and information as outlined by the policy of this fund.

Staff Development Reimbursement

After attending your development opportunity, please fill out the Reimbursement Form, and upload all documentation verifying travel (travel reimbursement, hotel receipts, conference receipts, etc).

To access the Staff Development Reimburstment Form click here.


For more information or questions, please contact Tom Liljegren, Staff Development Chair, at 801-863-8616 or