Staff Education Fund


The PACE Staff Education Fund was established as a way to help and encourage full-time staff members to pursue their education beyond a bachelor’s degree. Staff members that choose to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate degree or certification in a job-related program specific to their position, can submit an application to be considered for the Staff Education Fund. Funds are awarded on a fiscal year basis (July 1-June 30) and the amount will vary depending on the number of staff members applying and the amount of funds to be distributed. The maximum funding award per year is currently $1500, and is reimbursed to the employee after completion of coursework with a grade of B or better.


Please see the attached PDF for guidelines and procedures for application. 2014 Staff Education Fund Procedures.


SECTION I (To be completed by the applicant)

I hereby agree to provide the chair of the Staff Education Fund with proof of satisfactory performance and progress as outlined by the policy of this fund. I further agree that I will reimburse the fund if all the criteria, as outlined in the policy are not met.


You may submit for reimbursement after grades are posted. Please fill out the Reimbursement Form, and upload tuition summary and grades

To access the Staff Education Fund Reimburstment Form click here.


For more information or questions, please contact Tom Liljegren, Staff Education Chair, at 801-863-8616 or