Employee Parking Permit Information

Employees are now able to submit their employee permit application information online using the online Employee Permit Form (click link). Part time and adjunct faculty employees (taking less than 7 credit hours of courses at UVU) need to renew their permit each semester, renewals are open three weeks before the beginning of each semester, simply use the link above. Full time employees must renew their parking privileges annually in August, via the same link. Part-time employees taking more than 6 credit hours of classes and all student employees are not eligible for employee parking privileges.

Part-time employee permits expire at the end of each semester (generally the end of April, August, and December). Renewal emails are also sent for these permits near the end of each semester. Please remember to renew your part-time employee permit when indicated.

Employees that are eligible for disabled parking permits must bring their state-issued disabled placard to the Parking Services office to renew or obtain their parking permit. We are required to verify the state placard and that the person requesting the permit is the same entity assigned to the state placard. If you are obtaining/renewing a disabled employee permit, do not use the online form as we are required to verify that documentation in person.

Employee Permit Rules

Each vehicle used by the employee to park on campus for work purposes must be registered with the permit in parking services, please bring the license plate numbers and make/model information of your vehicles - up to three vehicles maximum. Also, any vehicle being used by an employee with their permit must be registered to the employee in the DMV. Only one of these vehicles may be parked on campus at any given time, a citation will be issued if multiple vehicles assigned to the same permit are found within one hour of each other at the UVU campus. Your employee permit is valid in any green employee lot, yellow student lot, or purple student lot. Employee permits are not valid in timed areas, visitor lots, or the parking garage.

To receive your Permit you will need the following:
  • License plate numbers and make/model information for the vehicles that are to be used with the permit (vehicles must be owned by the employee)
  • Your UVID
  • Go online to the Employee Permit Form
  • You can also stop in our office at 936 S. 400 W. in the Facilities Complex to get your permit
  • We will verify employment status as well as registered classes at the time of permit issuance