UVU Peace and Justice Studies Advisory Board

Deen Chatterjee (Professor, University of Utah)

Mary Dickson (KUED Creative Director and playwright)

David Dominguez (Professor, BYU Law)

Omar Kader (President and CEO of Planning and Learning Technologies and Expert on Palestine, U.S.-Arab Relations, and U.S. Policy)

Peter Kuznick (Professor, American University)

Bobby Muller (Nobel Peace Prize Recipient)

J. Bonner Ritchie (Professor Emeritus of Organizational Behavior at UVU and an expert on the Middle East)

Deb Sawyer (Gandhi Peace Alliance and the Utah Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)

Jonathan Schell (Author, and Senior Fellow at The Nation Institute)

Steve Trost (Director of Programs, Tucson Rescue Mission)

Chip Ward (Environmental, Author and Activist)

Ross "Rocky" Anderson (Founder and Director, High Road for Human Rights and former mayor of Salt Lake City)