UVU Peace and Justice Courses for Fall 2011

AMST 300R Topics in American Studies: U.S.-Vietnam

AMST 300R Topics in American Studies: Utah Women's History

ANTH 475R Current Topics in Andean Religion

ASL 1550 Multicultural Issues in the Deaf World


BESC 3420 Communication and Conflict

BESC 3410 Fundamentals of Mediation and Negotiation

BESC 4200 Advanced Mediation and Negotiation


CHEM 3800 Energy Use on Earth

CJ 3300 Victimology

CJ 4200 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice


COMM 300 Media Ethics

COMM 362G International Communication

COMM 3700 Free Expression in a Democratic Society


CS 305G Global Social and Ethical Issues in Computing GI(Global/Intercultural)


ECON 3040 Environmental Economics


ESMG 310G Introduction to Homeland Security GI(Global/Intercultural)

ESMG 3200 Health and Safety Program Management

ESMG 3150 Public Program Administration

ESMG 4550 Principles of Disaster and Emergency Management


ENGL 3320 Grant and Proposal Writing

ENGL 486R Topics in Literature: American Indian Pol Soc


ENVT 3850 Environmental Policy

ENVT 3700 Current Topics in Environmental Management

ENST 3000 Introduction to Environmental Studies


HIST 3030 Introduction to African History

HIST 2040 Colonial Latin America

HIST 345G The History of World War II GI(Global/Intercultural)

HIST 3520 The United States and Vietnam: 1945 to Present


HLTH 3200 Principles of Community Health

HLTH 350G International Health GI(Global/Intercultural)

HLTH 4300 Community Health Ethics

HLTH 4500 Public Health Administration

HLTH 440G Health and Diversity GI(Global/Intercultural)


HONR 300R Hnr Inter Sem Slave

HONR 300R Hnr Inter Sem Barbed Wire

LEGL 3150 Survey of Dispute Resolution

LEGL 481G International Law GI(Global/Intercultural)

MGMT 494R Seminar: Individual Action-Corporate Responsibility

MILS 4200 The Possession of Arms I

MILS 4210 The Possession of Arms II


NURS 3300 Health Promotion and Health Teaching in Nursing

NURS 4320 Nursing in the Community

NURS 4330 Nursing in Health Systems and Policy


PHIL 3550 Moral Philosophy

PHIL 366R Issues in Religious Studies

PHIL 450R Interdisciplinary Senior Ethics Seminar: Intro to Peace and Justice Studies

PHIL 450R Intr Sr Sem Phil: Dem Peace Thr


POLS 3100 Survey of International Terrorism

POLS 3500 International Relations of the Middle East

POLS 356G Comparative Politics of Central Asia GI(Global/Intercultural)

POLS 356G American Indian Law and Tribal Government GI(Global/Intercultural)

POLS 3600 International Relations of East Asia

POLS 420R Iss Top Pols Model UN

POLS 420R Iss Top Pols Environmental Policy

POLS 3610 International Organization


PSY 475R Curr Top Psy Women War Peace


SOC 3000 Contemporary Social Theory

SOC 320G Race and Minority Relations GS GI(Global/Intercultural)

SOC 3460 Political Sociology

SOC 3560 Sociology of Deviance


SW 3500 Social Welfare Policies and Services

SW 3750 Child Abuse Neglect and Domestic Violence

SW 4700 Case Management in Social Work Practice

SW 475R Current Topics in Social Work: Intro to Child Welfare


TECH 405G Global Ethical and Professional Issues in Technology GI(Global/Intercultural)