UVU Peace and Justice Studies Program

Our Mission

We seek to understand reasons for and solutions to the complex problems of violence and injustice and to contribute to peaceful and just alternatives. Four core areas of interdisciplinary study guide our mission:

  • Peace, War, & Conflict
  • Justice
  • Mediation, Negotiation, & Conflict Resolution
  • Ideology & Theory

Why Choose a Peace and Justice Studies Minor or Integrated Studies Emphasis?

Our globe is in need of peacemakers and justice-doers. Solutions to problems of violence and injustice begin with knowledge, understanding, and analysis of the causes of violence and injustice.

What Careers will Peace and Justice Studies Prepare you for?

Matters of peace and justice are of perennial- and growing- concern. Earning a Peace and Justice Studies minor will place the student in a multi-faceted market of career opportunities including law, social work, meditation and conflict resolution, economic development, diplomacy, nonprofit management, education, government service and more.
Gain an understanding of effective means to achieve peace and justice at interpersonal, community, national and international levels. Earn a peace and justice studies minor or an integrated studies emphasis.

Our Invitation

We invite you to meet with Dr. Michael Minch, Director of Peace and Justice Studies. 801.863.7482 mminch@uvu.edu