Spring 2012: Courses for Peace & Justice Studies Credit

PJST 3000 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies

PJST 475R Introduction to Human Rights

PJST 4900 Peace and Justice Studies Capstone



ANTH 475R People, Economics, and Power

Criminal Justice

CJ 3270 Criminology

CJ 3300 Victimology

CJ 3360 Prisons--Contemporary Issues and Dilemmas

CJ 4160 Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities

CJ 4200 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

CJ 470G Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

Emergency Services Management

ESMG 310G Introduction to Homeland Security

ESMG 4550 Principals of Disaster and Emergency Management

Environmental Management

ENVT 2560 Environmental Health

ENVT 3280 Environmental Law

ENVT 3600 Appropriate Technology and Sustainable Development for the Developing World

HIST 3050 Modern Latin America

HIST 3520 The United States and Vietnam--1945 to Present

HIST 4130 Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

Legal Studies

LEGL 3150 Survey of Dispute Resolution

LEGL 3410 Mediation and Negotiation

LEGL 4100 Advanced Mediation


NURS 490R Nursing in Conditions of Extremity and Emergency


PHIL 3150 Philosophical Issues in Feminism

PHIL 3530 Environmental Ethics

PHIL 3700 Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 3750 Marxist Philosophy

PHIL 450R Human-Animal Relationships

PHIL 450R Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies

PHIL 492R Moral Psychology

PHIL 492R Philosophy of Forests

Political Science

POLS 3100 Survey of International Terrorism

POLS 3250 Introduction to Law and Politics

POLS 3400 American Foreign Policy

POLS 3680 International Political Economy

POLS 420R US Constitutional Rights II

POLS 420R Islam in World Affairs

POLS 420R US Military History

POLS 420R Indian Health Policy


PSY 475R Moral Psychology

PSY 475R Psychology of War and Peace


SOC 320G Race and Minority Relations

SOC 3700 Social Inequality

SOC 4400 Social Change

SOC 475R Sociology of War

SOC 475R Sociology of Masculinities