Summer Courses For 2010

First Block

HIST3450: History of WWII
F 5:30-9:15pm Albert L. Winkler

HIST4750: Civil War Reconstruction
S 8:00-11:45am Albert L. Winkler

CJ470G: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
MWF 12:15-1:55pm Kenneth L. Crook

CJ4160: Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities
TR 6:45-9:15pm James R. Taylor

CJ3300: Victimology
TR 10:30-1:00pm Bobbi Kassel

COMM319G: Intercultural Communication Encounters
TR 1:15-3:45pm Janet W. Colvin

COMM/PSY3410: Fund. Mediation and Negotiation
MWF 8:45-10:25 Grant L. Richards
TR 10:30-1:00pm LeeAnn Glade

PHIL450R: Conflict Transformation and Building Sustainable Peace
TR 10:30-1:00pm Michael Minch

SOC475R: Social Agrarian Political Economy
TR 1:15-3:45 Jeffrey D. Torlina

Second Block

HIST3520: The US and Vietnam 1945 – Present
TR 1:15-3:45William Cobb

CJ4200: Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
MW 6:00-8:30pm David Sturgill

CJ3270: Criminology
MWF 3:45-5:25 Larry W. Evans

SOC3700: Social Inequality
TR 10:30-1:00pm David L. Bauer