Instructions For All Other Health Profession Programs

Most other health professions programs will want to see 3-4 letters. 1-2 of these letters should be from science professors. You will also need 1-2 letters from healthcare professionals that you have shadowed or worked with. Check with the individual schools to determine which letters you need.

Many of the health professions schools you will be applying to use a Central Application Service (CAS) to process your application. Letters of recommendation are part of this application. Follow the steps below to request your letters:

  1. Request letters from the appropriate professors and supervisors. You should provide your letter writers with your resume, personal statement and a letter of intent.
  2. Where applicable, inform the letter writer that they will receive an electronic request from the CAS to submit an evaluation for you.
  3. If the letters are not part of a CAS, provide the letter writer with pre-addressed, stamped envelopes for the schools you need the letter sent to.