Pre-Med Letter Service

UVU uses an electronic service for gathering letters of recommendation called veCollect. This service will allow you to track your letters through the veCollect website. Additional information is below. It is highly recommended that you submit 6-7 letters of recommendation. Check with the individual schools where you are applying to determine which letters you need:
  • 2 science professors (No lab instructors)
  • 1 non-science or science professor
  • 1 supervisor from medical experience and/or physician shadowing
  • 1 supervisor from volunteer experience (Required for University of Utah)
  • 1 supervisor from research experience (Required for University of Utah)
  • 1 additional of your choosing (optional)

If you are applying to Osteopathic Medical Schools, you should also have the following letters:

  • 1 DO Physician you have shadowed or worked with (Required)
  • Pre-Health Advisor (Recommended)

UVU Letter Service Process:

Note: Please include the Letter Request Form when you request your letters of recommendation. All letters must be on letterhead and signed whether they are submitted by mail or electronically.

  1. Go to: and register for veCollect access. Find UVU and set up your account.
  2. We will manually activate your account once you have paid and attended a veCollect workshop.
    • You can pay by cash, check, or credit card at LC402 or you can pay over the phone at: 801-863-6484.
    • The fee for Pre-Med Letters is $20
  3. Once your account is activated, you will receive notification email.
  4. Add evaluator and letter records for each person for whom you are requesting a letter -
  5. Track the status of your letters through veCollect and follow up with letter writers
  6. Once your file is complete, you will receive an email instructing you to create and lock your quiver
  7. Letters are transmitted to AMCAS and DO Medical Schools electronically by the Pre-Health Office.


There are 3 possible ways to have your letters of recommendation submitted:

1. Have your letter writers mail their signed Letter of Recommendation to the address listed below. This is best for letter writers who may not be computer savvy. The Pre-Health Office will create an electronic version of the letter and post it to your veCollect account once the hard copy is received.

Pre-Health Professions
Utah Valley University – MS 101
800 West University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058

2. The letter writer may submit an electronic PDF or Word document that includes their signature and letterhead to veCollect. This may be a scanned PDF copy or a Word document that has the signature and letterhead added electronically. If your letter writer prefers this method, you will need to send them the email request from veCollect under the My Evaluators section.

3. As a last result, you can pick the letter up and deliver it to the UVU Pre-Health Office. In this case, the letter must be in a sealed envelope with the letter writer's signature over the seal to ensure confidentiality.