MCAT(Medical College Admissions Test)

The MCAT is a standardized examination required as part of your application to medical school. It is a very challenging exam that requires extensive preparation in the form of review and practice. Your preparation for the MCAT will actually begin with the first day of your first premed prerequisite course. Additional information about the MCAT can be obtained at:

The current MCAT will be administered through January 2015 and consists of the following 4 sections:

  • Physical Sciences (General Chemistry and Physics)
  • Biological Sciences (Biology and Organic Chemistry)
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Trial Section

The first 3 sections (PS, BS, and VR) are scored from 1 through 15. The average score for accepted students is a 10 in each section. The minimum score you should have in order to be considered by most medical schools is a 7 in each section.

The Trial Section consists of 32 new questions being tested for the new MCAT in either: biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and physics or in psychology, sociology and biology. If you volunteer to participate, you will receive the following if you put forth a good-faith effort: $30 Gift Card Claim Code (e-mailed to you within 3-4 weeks) and feedback on your performance that will allow you to compare yourself to others who participated in the Trial Section. For more information, visit

After January 2015, only the new MCAT (MCAT2015) exam will be administered. The MCAT2015 exam will consist of the following 4 sections:

  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

More information about MCAT2015 can be found at

It is recommended that you take the exam in the spring of the year of application so scores can be available for early application to medical school.

You should begin studying for the MCAT at least 6 months prior to taking the test. Consider your study time to be equivalent to the time commitment of a 3-4 credit hour class. Some students choose to study on their own or with other students who are also preparing to take the exam. For students who choose to study on their own, there are various books designed to help guide you through the preparation process. Exam Krackers is just one series that has been recommended by UVU students. There are also books published by Kaplan and Princeton Review to name a few. These books can be purchased online or at various bookstores. You can also purchase previously administered tests to use as practice tools. Go to the MCAT website for additional information on purchasing practice exams.

Other students choose to take a prep course. There are several private companies that offer MCAT prep courses, each with their own individual promises. These courses may range in price from $800-$2000. UVU does not recommend one company over another. Visit the companies' websites listed below and talk to fellow classmates before choosing a prep course.

Kaplan -

Princeton Review -

Ace Test Prep -

Altius Test Prep - -