PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test)

The PCAT is a standardized examination required as part of your application to pharmacy school. It is a very challenging exam that requires extensive preparation in the form of review and practice. The PCAT is administered by Pearson Assessment, Inc. with specific information on the exam available at www.pcatweb.info. The test is offered 4 times each year. The latest test you should take in order to be considered for a specific year is the October test of the year prior to the Pharmacy schools start date. The January test will not be considered for the year of application. You should visit this site periodically to stay informed on updates and general information on the exam.

The PCAT consists of the following subtests:

  • Verbal Ability
  • Biology
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Chemistry
  • 2 Written Essays

Your scores will receive a scaled (numerical) score and a percentile score for each of the individual multiple-choice subtests as well as a composite score. The scaled scores for the multiple-choice subtests range from 200 to 600, with a mean of 400. You will also receive a separate score for the written essays, which ranges from 1 (weak) to 5 (superior).

You should begin studying for the PCAT at least 6 months prior to taking the test. Consider your study time to be equivalent to the time commitment of a 3-4 credit hour class. Some students choose to study on their own or with other students who are also preparing to take the exam. For students who choose to study on their own, there are various books designed to help guide you through the preparation process. Books have been published by Kaplan and Princeton Review to name a few. These books can be purchased online or at various bookstores.

Other students choose to take a prep course. Kaplan, a private company, offers a PCAT prep course in Utah County. These courses may be as much as $1200 or more. Visit the company's website listed below and talk to fellow classmates before choosing a prep course.

Kaplan - www.kaptest.com