Creating Your Brand

What's Your Brand?

This year, we challenge you to decide what your personal brand is. Own it.

Each of these brands imply an image. Of quality. Of style. Of being the best. Likewise, we all have our own personal image, our own brand. We can either haphazardly make choices that allow others to define our brand for us, or we can consciously define who we are, what we stand for.

So we ask the question, Who are you?
What qualities do you want others to associate with your name?

Good Examples

  • Take control of the way you want others to view you by living consistently
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter because it is helping animals.
  • Making sure that you have done your required researching.
  • Choose a profession that you are interested in.

Bad Examples

  • Volunteering at the local animal shelter merely because it is convenient.
  • The inquisitive researcher might seem inconsistent if she is a coordinator for the Super Spring Break Bash, but has limited research experience
  • The friendly future pediatrician may not seem genuinely interested in children if he only works in geriatrics

Avoid the random. Proactively plan who you are and who you want to be.

Remember that applying to professional school comes down to marketing YOU. Find and define your brand so you are memorable. Consistency is key. Here are a few avenues in the application process to consider using effective personal branding:

  • Personal statement – Tell them who you are
  • Extra-curricular activities you choose to participate in – Show them who you are
  • Letters of recommendation – What others see in you
  • Interviews – Confirm who you are

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