Volunteer Opportunities

One of the first places to start looking for volunteer opportunities is UVU's Volunteer and Service Learning Center. This office maintains information on volunteer needs in the community in many different areas. There is a very good chance you will find something here that interests you.

There is always a great deal of need in our cities and counties. Check the following websites for volunteer opportunities.

A good way to gain experience in a health professions field is through volunteering. Check the following websites and/or locations for volunteer opportunities at local hospitals and clinics. Most places prefer that you begin by completing a volunteer application online, but do not be afraid to follow up with the organization.

There are many more volunteer opportunities available if you take the time to look, but this list should give you a few ideas and a great place to start. It is important that you find something you can be dedicated to and passionate about. You will find the experience that much more rewarding. And remember, you are not just checking off boxes to get into a health professions school. You are making a difference in your community and learning valuable lessons about yourself and the world around you. Enjoy it!