Concurrent Enrollment

General Considerations

**Always discuss your individual situations with a Pre-Health Counselor and your concurrent enrollment advisor

Every college class counts!

Schools will evaluate your grades in concurrent enrollment classes you took in high school. Retakes may not repair a damaged GPA.

Graduating with an AS degree may not save you time.

Many concurrent enrollment students choose (or are limited to) courses that do not fulfill Pre-Health pre-requisites, which means the classes they took in high school do not move them closer to finishing their Pre-Health requirements.

Plan on attending UVU for 3-6 years, even if you graduate high school with an AS degree.

Pre-requisites take time and must be completed in careful sequence to prepare you for entrance examinations and successful progress.

English (or a high English placement score)is a pre-requisite for Biology.

Which is a pre-requisite for many other science courses.

Math can be a great choice for concurrent enrollment.

Plan on needing at least College Algebra (MATH 1050), and potentially through calculus. Math is a pre-requisite for many science courses.

**Talk to your Pre-Health counselor about math if you plan to go on a mission.

Remember to register for your freshman classes (fall semester) in early April.

If you wait until after you graduate, you will likely struggle to get the courses you need.

AP credit may not fulfill pre-requisites.

Many schools need a letter grade to calculate pre-requisite GPAs and not just credit. Verify with your schools of choice if your AP credit will count as a pre-requisite.