General Considerations

**Always discuss your individual situations with a Pre-Health counselor

Every college class counts!

Schools will evaluate your grades from all of your classes, including concurrent enrollment classes you took in high school. Retakes may not repair a damaged GPA.

Plan on attending UVU for 3-6 years, even if you graduated high school with an AS degree.

Pre-requisites take time and must be completed in careful sequence to prepare you for entrance examinations and successful progress.

English (or a high English placement score)is a pre-requisite for Biology.

Which is a pre-requisite for many other science courses.

Remember that registration for classes can start up to four months before classes begin!

Register as soon as possible to ensure that you get the courses you need. Classes fill up early.

Take the Accuplacer Test if your ACT scores do not reflect your abilities in Math or English.

Save time and money by ensuring your placement test scores accurately reflect your ability.