Getting Started

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The Basics:

**Always discuss your individual situation with a Pre-Health counselor.

Major in whatever you want.

There is no such thing as a Pre-Medical or a Pre-Health major at Utah Valley University. Choose something that helps you meet your goals, and also complete prerequisites.

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Prerequisites usually take priority over major courses.

Plan to finish them first, as you will generally apply one year before you graduate, which means you can always finish up your major after you've submitted your application.

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C is the minimum grade required for prerequisites.

Getting several C's will not make your GPA very competitive.

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Avoid online prerequisite courses.

Many schools will not accept prerequisites that are completed online. Always verify with your schools of choice before taking prerequisites online.

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Generally start with Math.

Until you complete at least College Algebra (MATH 1050), take a math class each semester. Math is a prerequisite for many science courses.

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English (or a high English placement score) is a prerequisite for Biology.

Which is a prerequisite for many other science courses.

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Science courses take time.

Count on studying approximately three hours for every hour spent in class time for science classes, and two hours for most other college courses.

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Avoid Meteorology or Astronomy (for example) as GE science options.

Stick with prerequisites for your science General Education courses. After all, you'll have more than enough science.

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Retakes probably do not apply to you.

Most programs will not recalculate your GPA based on retakes. All grades from all colleges you've attended count.