**Always discuss your individual situations with a Pre-Health counselor

Every class counts!

Decide to perform well before your mission or decide to wait to start school until after you return. Retakes may not repair a damaged GPA.

Some classes are better to take after you return.

Avoid classes that prepare you for upper level courses or placement exams. You'll likely forget the material over two years and have to start over .
Talk to your advisor about MATH.

Inform UVU about your intentions to leave.

Don't just let us think you've dropped off the face of the earth. For an official "leave of absence" either e-mail or
call 801-863-8404.

Consider giving Mom or Dad access to your confidential records.

If you plan for your parents to help you register and return to UVU after your mission, you will need to complete a Student Information Release Authorization.
This will give counselors the legal right to discuss your confidential records while you are unavailable.


**Always discuss your individual situations with a Pre-Health counselor

Remember that registration for classes can start up to four months before classes begin!

Plan ahead to re-apply to UVU and register for classes early to ensure you get into the classes you need. Classes fill up early.

Take the Accuplacer Exam right away if you need math.

Eligibility to progress forward in math expires two years after your last math class or placement test.