Transfer Students

General Considerations

**Always discuss your individual situations with a Pre-Health counselor

Every college class counts!

Schools will evaluate your grades from ALL schools attended. Retakes may not repair a damaged GPA.

Remember that registration for classes can start up to four months before classes begin!

Register as soon as possible to ensure that you get the courses you need. Classes fill up early.

Submit your transcripts from ALL schools to UVU early.

UVU has a lot of pre-requisites to our courses. We need your official transcripts from your colleges to transfer before we can allow you to register for many of the courses you need. Transcripts can take weeks to process.

Eligibility to progress in math at UVU expires after two years.

If you have not taken math or a placement test within two years, you will likely have to do a refresher workshop or take the Accuplacer Exam.

English also expires— after three years.

If it has been more than three years since you took English and you haven't taken at least English 1010, you will probably have to take the Accuplacer Exam for English.