Chiropractic is an alternative method of medical practice that focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors emphasis the bodies natural healing properties and take a holistic approach in their care of patients. The patients overall health and lifestyle are considered during diagnosis and treatment. Chiropractors use hands on methods to treat patients. These methods include spinal adjustment and soft tissue therapy. 

Additional Chiropractic Information & Statistics

Check out what medical schools say about how you can be a competitive applicant to their school:


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  • How can I find out what my science GPA is?
          You can calculate your science GPA by downloading the GPA caculator through the following link. GPA Calculator
  • What if I did not do well in some of my early semesters? Can I still go to medical school?
          Yes, you may still be able to go because your admission will be based on your cumulative GPAs as well as the trend of grades. 
  • Do I have to transfer to a different university if I want to go to medical school?
         Yes, once accepted you will have to transfer to a medical school. UVU offers Bachelor programs in preperation for Medical Professions. 
  • Why should I do premed at UVU?
         You should consider doing premed at UVU because we offer: an accredited program that can transfer to any school, devoted
         counselors commited to help you succeed, clubs, workshops, and orientations that provide you with additional tools needed upon
         entering the medical field.
  • What is the difference between MD and DO schools?
           The traditional medical degree, the MD, requires training in allopathic medicine. Osteopathic medical schools award the DO degree,
          which is the holistic perspective on practice of medicine based on a belief in treating the "whole patient" (mind-body-spirit) and
          the primacy of the musculoskeletal system in human health and the utility of osteopathic manipulative treatment.


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