Recommended Extracurricular Activities

Consider planning out your extra-curricular activities by semester, just like your pre-requisite courses. Starting early helps avoid the stress associated with cramming everything into the last few semesters prior to the application.

Minimum Recommended Extra-curricular Activities

  • Dental Experience:  Most schools say that 100 hours shadowing or other dental related experience is common for students who have been accepted.
  • Volunteer Service: 45 hours service in your community (ideally under represented populations) during each of the pre-dental years including the year of application.  What you learned is more important than how many hours you did.
  • Leadership: 3 different leadership positions during the pre-dental years
  • Research: 45 hours during the pre-dental years. Research is not required, but is highly recommended and should be hypothesis-based in any subject
  • Healthcare Experience: 50-100 hours of shadowing/experience showing you can work with patients.

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