Pre-Pharmacy Pre-requisite Courses

Note: The pre-requisites listed here are a general guideline of common courses required by Pharmacy programs or will help you prepare for the PCAT. It is your responsibility to research the specific requirements for each school you are interested in applying to. If you have questions, always contact each individual program.

Required by Pharmacy programs in Utah with a grade of C or better (generally avoid online pre-req. options):

  • Intro to Writing: ENGL 1010
  • Intermediate Writing: ENGL 2020 (Grade of B or better is required. 2010 is not acceptable for the University of Utah)
  • Public Speaking: COMM 1020 (Required by USN with a grade of B or better)
  • College Biology I with lab: BIOL 1610/1615 (recommended) or General Biology with lab: BIOL 1010/1015
  • Human Anatomy: ZOOL 2320/2325
  • Human Physiology: ZOOL 2420/2425
  • Microbiology for Health Professions: MICR 2060/2065
  • Principles of Chemistry I and II with labs: CHEM 1210/1215 and 1220/1225
  • Organic Chemistry I and II with labs: CHEM 2310/2315 and 2320/2325
  • Physics I with lab: PHYS 2010/2015 or PHYS 2210/2215
  • Physics II with lab: PHYS 2020/2025 or 2220/2225 (Required by University of Utah)
  • Calculus I: MATH 1210
  • Calculus II: MATH 1220 (Required by University of Utah)
  • Additional General Education requirements for University of Utah may be fulfilled by completing an AS or AA degree.

In addition, some schools outside of Utah may require the following courses:

  • College Biology II with lab: BIOL 1620/1625
  • Principles of Statistics: MATH 2040
  • General Psychology: PSY 1010
  • Economics: ECON 2010 or 2020 (strongly recommended)
  • Abnormal Psychology: PSY 3400
  • Developmental Psychology (Child, Adolescent, Adult, Human)

Information on Pharmacy Programs

What kind of degree do I need to apply for Pharmacy school?

Many students successfully apply and are admitted to Pharmacy school without completing a bachelor's degree. Most schools will require a minimum of 60-90 credit hours or an Associate's degree. Some schools will weigh an application more heavily or may even waive PCAT requirements if a candidate has completed a bachelor's degree.

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