How can I be competitive for Physical Therapy school?

Admission to Physical Therapy school is a highly competitive process. It is vitally important that Pre-Physical Therapy students prepare themselves to be competitive applicants during their undergraduate years.

Applicants are evaluated on a holistic level, with consideration on GPA, GRE scores, Physical Therapy shadowing/experience, research, and volunteer and leadership experiences.

Work closely with your Pre-Health counselor who can assist you with:

  • Pre-requisite academic planning
  • Extra-curricular considerations (i.e. shadowing, pharmacy experience, volunteering, etc.)
  • PTCAS and the application process
  • GRE planning
  • Writing personal statements
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Mock interviews

NOTE : All grades received for college credit will likely be calculated into your GPA, even if you have retaken courses. If you have taken any courses at a different school or if you have retaken courses, your UVU GPA will not likely reflect the accurate GPA calculation for PT schools.

GPA is a vital part of your application to Physical Therapy programs. PT programs will consider your science GPA, non-science GPA and cumulative GPA.

Average accepted GPA: 3.5

Minimum GPA considered: 3.0

The GRE revised General Test is a standardized examination required by many PT programs as part of your application. Research your schools of interest to determine if you need to take the GRE.



PT programs vary in their admissions requirements, program delivery, missions, and quality. It is important to research Physical Therapy schools to determine which schools fit your interests and needs most. Most students apply to an average of 4-5 Physical Therapy programs.



Note: Physical Therapy programs determine their own individual requirements. It is important for you to research the specific requirements for each school you are interested in applying to.

Your Pre-Health counselor will help you plan your pre-requisite courses, ensuring a doable sequence and proper timeline. It is recommended you prioritize the registration of pre-requisite courses over major and general education requirements as you may often finish some requirements during the application process.


Extracurricular activities help Physical Therapy programs evaluate your potential as a clinician and professional. They can help you stand out as an applicant and demonstrate your motivation for pursuing a career in healthcare.



Approximately 62%+ of all Physical Therapy programs use the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). PTCAS allows you to apply to several schools without filling out multiple applications. PTCAS usually opens early July and runs for nearly one year per admissions cycle. Follow the application instructions required by each school you plan to apply to.

Plan to apply to Physical Therapy school as soon as pre-requisites are completed (or almost completed), starting in July). Ideally, students will apply to PT programs approximately one year prior to graduation.



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