Making Curriculum Choices:

When you are choosing what to major in or what courses to study, it is critical that you study in areas that require extensive reading and writing in the field (e.g. Anthropology, Classical Studies, English, History, Honors Program, Integrated Studies, Peace and Justice Studies, Philosophy, Political Science OR any major in which you are writing at least 20 total pages per semester, if not at least one 20-page papers) AND where the faculty will give very specific feedback for your writing.  It is wise to visit a number of department advisors to investigate the amount of writing expected in the majors that they advise for, in order to ascertain if that major will be an excellent preparation for law school. It is also very wise to use the resources in the Writing Labs on campus and request feedback from your professors. Don't be shy about that; it is the best preparation for law school.

Courses taught by Prelaw Advisor:

LEGL 2000 Culture of Law

This course discusses the impact of earning a law degree; professional options open to a JD; and how to manage one’s career; through lectures on pertinent issues, opportunities to interview lawyers, by film, speakers sharing their experience about different aspects of their career, opportunities to read and write on legal topics. No prerequisite. Two credits.  Taught in Fall only.

LEGL 3160 Health Care Law

This courses addresses the impact of laws, regulations, social policies on management and delivery of health care. Liability of health care providers, health care institutions, including tort and criminal law, is discussed. Employment law, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, and corporate management and liability is also discussed.  Prerequisite: LEGL 1000. Three credits.  Taught in Spring only.