2015-2016 Events

Special Speaker, Center for Constitutional Studies

Speaker: Professor Richard Epstein

Day: Friday

Date: February 4, 2016

Time: 7 PM

Room: UVU Library, Lakeview Room

CMD Club Event: Career Opportunities in Patent Law for Scientists & Engineers

Day: Wednesday

Date: February 24, 2016

Time: 12-1 PM

Room: LC 411

Refreshments to be provided

Special Speaker: Dean Matthew Wilson, University of Akron

Day: Thursday

Date: February 25, 2016

Time:  3-4 PM

Room: LC- 403M, Losee Center Conference Room, 4th Floor

5th Annual UVU Christine M. Durham Public Service Award Dinner

Special Guests: Justice Christine M. Durham and lawyers who are nominees for the 5th annual CMD Public Service Award

Day: Tuesday

Date: March 22, 2016

Time: 7 PM

Room: TBA

By Invitation ONLY to CMD Club Members

For more information, please email CMD Club  President Matt Murdoch at: bm.murdoch@gmail.com  

Eighth Annual UVU Fall Dean's Night (Annual Event--2016 Event TBA in March)

 Day: Wednesday 

Date: October 21, 2015

Time: 5-8 PM

5 PM- 6 PM   Mock Admissions Panel, CB 417

6PM - 8PM    Law Fair, CB 510 & 511

Place: UVU Classroom Building,  Oquirrh Mountain Room (CB 510 & 511), 5th Floor, [www.uvu.edu/maps/orem.html ] Northeast corner of campus; Visitor Parking near UCCU Event Center

Pick up law school materials; discuss your application with officers.  Mock Admissions Panel to be held where officers and prelaw advisor review actual law school applications.  Law Fair to follow.



Annual UVU Law School Boot Camp MAY 2016

Each year the prelaw advisor teaches a law school boot camp that includes the entire first--year law school curriculum in order to prepare you for law school.  It is taught for four nights and covers the following topics:

Monday: Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure

Tuesday: Contracts, Torts

Wednesday: Property, Legal Research

Thursday: Legal Writing, Criminal Law

1st Annual UVU Law School Boot Camp

The 1st Annual UVU Law School Boot Camp was held May 29-June 1, 2012.  Seven students completed the course and entered law schools around the country in Fall 2012. BYU Law professors and local practicing attorneys taught the course. Lunch with Lawyers and Dinner with Law Students rounded out the program.


2nd Annual UVU Law School Boot Camp

The 2nd Annual UVU Law School Boot Camp was held May 20-23, 2013. This year the program was opened up to all UVU students, not just admitted students.  Six students completed the course. Several of the students will enter law school in and one will go to medical school in Fall 2013. Prelaw Advisor, Eileen Doyle Crane, taught the course. It was shorter and more compact this year, requiring much more work on the students' part. We had a great time.

2nd Annual Law School Boot Camp

3rd Annual UVU Law School Boot Camp

The 2014 Boot Camp was held May 19-22, 2014.  A record 24 students registered for the boot camp.  Eighteen students completed the camp at the end of the week.  Two alumni from the 1st Annual Boot Camp, Brixton Hakes and Adam Easter, visited the Boot Camp to encourage UVU students in their preparations for law school.  Four students will attend law school in Fall 2014.  Twelve students entered law school in 2015 and four others will enter law school in 2016.  They are well on their way to excelling in law school!  

Boot Camp Students

4th Annual UVU Law School Boot Camp

The 2015 Fourth Annual Law School Boot Camp was held the week of May 11-14 in LC 411.  Eleven student attended and it went very well.  Four of the students started law school in Fall 2015; the others will start in Fall 2016.  We studied all the first-year law school courses and had great fun learning how to be prepared law students!

Quotes from Previous Boot Camp Attendees:

"I was really glad that I attended the Law School Boot Camp set up at UVU! Mostly because it gave me a better idea of what law school topics I would be encountering.  Plus, getting more awareness of lawyers in our community and being able to meet them.  This class was well worth it!"     Victoria Carlton, Boot Camp and Law School Graduate, J. Reuben Clark Law School, BYU

"The Boot Camp was a non-intimidating chance to talk with law professors and attorneys who were willing to answer any and all questions we had about school, the first-year subjects, careers/getting jobs, and life as a lawyer.  The classes were fascinating and I felt encouraged  and catered to. More than anything, Boot Camp made me more excited to start law school--well worth the time and effort to attend!"     Will Black, Boot Camp and Law School Graduate, University of Iowa Law School

5th Annual UVU Law School Boot Camp

The 2016 Fifth Annual UVU Law School Boot Camp will be held the week of May 9-12 in LC 411. Registration is due May 1st. Please print out the form below and deliver it to LC 402. 

Registration Form