Prelaw Student Training

1. Getting Started

  • Meet with the UVU Prelaw Advisor; Appointments: 801.863.6484
  • Read all the materials on the UVU Prelaw Website
  • Choose a major that requires extensive reading and writing
  • Create a personalized plan just for you
  • Organize your time so that you can succeed
  • Participate in the UVU Christine M. Durham Prelaw Club

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Decide to Go to Law School

Law School Is Still A Good Idea

Why You Should Not Go to Law School

Law Schools Are in A Death Spiral. Maybe Now They'll Finally Change

Facing Up to the Challenge: It's Time to Prepare Law Students for Their Profession

Visit Legal: Your Travel Guide to the New Legal Landscape

2. Building Academic Skills

3. Enhancing the Quality of Your Law School Applications:

Be a teaching assistant (TA) or research assistant (RA) to a professor

  1. Undergraduate research

Publish in one of the many UVU undergraduate journals published on campus

  1. Warp & Weave, English
  2. Essais, English
  3. Touchstones, English
  4. Crescat Scientia, History
  5. Kronos, Honors
  6. Intersections, Integrated Studies
  7. Journal of Business Inquiry, Business

Fulfill an internship, not necessarily in a law firm, can be in any professional/business setting

  1. UVU Internship Office
  2. Internships Scholarships
  3. Internships for Credit

Do community service in organizations or with people that you do not interact with in your regular daily life

  1. UVU Volunteer & Service Learning Center
  2. United Way, Utah County
  3. Utah CASA
  4. American Red Cross, Utah

Take LEGL 1000

  1. UVU Catalog, LEGL Studies

Join and participate in the UVU Christine M. Durham Prelaw Club

  1. UVU Clubs Page

4. Preparing for the LSAT:

5. Applying to Law Schools:

6. Paying for Law School

7. Networking

8. How to Get a Job and Employment Statistics

9. Other Survival Tools

10. Useful Links