President's Executive Leadership Council

Minutes & Agendas

Holland, Matthew


Andrade, Maureen

Associate Vice President, Academic Programs

Andrews, Jono

Student Body President

Archambault, Marc

Vice President, Development & Alumni

Birch, Brian

Associate Vice President, Engaged Learning

Brown, Kat

Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Connelly, David

President, Faculty Senate

Dayley, K. Newell

Dean, School of the Arts

Dornan, Wayne

Dean, College of Aviation and Public Services

Fairbanks, Daniel

Interim Dean, College of Science and Health

Fawson, Parker

Dean, School of Education

Francis, Michael

Associate Vice President, Finance

Jones, David

Assistant Attorney General

Kincart, Joel

Senior Director-Development/ Director of Foundation

Makin, Linda

Vice President of Planning, Budgets, and Human Resources

Martin, Cameron

Vice President, University Relations

McKeachnie, Brett

PACE President

Michaelis, Jim

Associate Vice President, Facilities

Olsen, Karen

Executive Secretary to the President

Otoupal, Vincent

Associate Vice President, Athletics

Peterson, Val

Vice President, Finance and Administration

Reyes, Kyle

Assistant to the President

Roy, Steve

Associate Vice President, Economic Development

Savoie, Michael

Dean, College of Technology & Computing

Sorenson, Shad

Associate Vice President Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Taylor, Chris

Associate Vice President, University Relations

Taylor, K.D.

Dean, University College

Taylor, Michelle

Vice President, Student Affairs

Walker, Ray

Associate Vice President - CIO, Information Technology

Wiesenberg, Mark

Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Wilson, Ian

Vice President, Academic Affairs

Wright, Norman

Dean, Woodbury School of Business

Yells, David

Dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences

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